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It's been a while, hasn't it? Well. I'm still here.

My mother died in June. I didn't feel like mentioning it then. I'm grieving, of course, and though I'm handling things far better than I could be, it's been rough. Much of my creative energy outside of my own work has gone into roleplaying with my friends over in PHDR, where I have quite a lot going on -- Modernverse Break and his Liam are both there now, as well as a female version of the Mad Hatter in human form, and I'm going to be bringing in some canon characters in the next several months. Gil is already in, and I'm working on a Break, and will be making an Alice. I've got a couple other more AUish characters I am developing as well.

Busy busy busy.

I have icons waiting to go up; I'm waiting until I have a sizeable batch. I've been writing fic, but it's mostly RP centric. A few canon ones are in progress or about to be started. But mostly, yes, roleplay. Writing and art are solitary pursuits, you see, and I've needed the support of my friends over the past six months, and so being involved in games with them is where my attention has been. But things are getting better, albeit slowly. I'll be more present here again, one day.

In the meantime, I hope you're all doing well. Be good.
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So, yeah, the cancer my mom was diagnosed with last October turned out to be heinously vicious, and she's dying. I don't know how much longer it'll be.

I'm around, but quite of the mind that the world and all the various stupid shit in it can fuck right off, so I doubt I'll be too chatty for a while.

*pleasant Rainsworth smile*
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I realized just now that this month, on the 23rd, it will have been six months since I posted my first fanfic.

I knew it was a long time, and yet this comes as a surprise to me. I think it's because I posted The Prompt That Started It All on the meme around May last year and met [ profile] their_kingdom that way, so it feels like ages since I stepped forward into the fandom, but it doesn't feel like I've been working for it all that long. Was August really six months ago? Really?

Regardless, it's been the single best thing that could have happened to me at the time. )

"I'm a bitch, I'm a tease,
I'm a goddess on my knees;
When you hurt, when you suffer,
I'm your angel undercover.
I've been numb — I'm revived.
Can't say I'm not alive.
You know I wouldn't want it any other way."
~Meredith Brooks, "Bitch"
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Busybusy month for me. Bleeehhhh, says I.

I have quite a bit going on in the background fandom-wise, however; thing is, they're all huge projects that take four billion years to accomplish, give or take maybe a week. I am filling no less than three prompts for the kink meme at the moment. One has 3000 words on it and is nowhere near done. I have two Christmassy fics planned, one of which will introduce an AU I have been amusing myself with, and I hope I have time to punch them both out before the holiday. I am doing an early!Rainsworth vignettey thing along similar lines to That's All I've Got To Say, and my Break-and-Liam mood theme now has 86 out of 132 images completed. (Mood themes take a while when you're coloring in every picture, you know.)

As of Monday, I will be staying with my parents for at least a month, to help out in regards to that illness I mentioned. It will actually be rather a vacation in some ways -- my folks are good about giving me space and privacy, so I'll be able to continue stealing time here and there to work on things, though I'm also using the time to catch up on various other artsy projects I've had to set aside too long. I won't be able to finish the mood theme while I'm there because I'll be on my laptop and it is not on the best terms with Photoshop, but I'm quite sure I'll be popping up with spontaneous drabbledy fics from time to time, just because it can be nice to spit an idea out in the middle of a bigger project. For the most part I'll probably be kind of quiet, though. As I said, huge projects. But believe me, I am working.

I never really expected to find myself with so much fic behind me so soon -- I started all this nonsense in August -- or engaged in so many active projects at once, taking them so seriously. You can blame TAIGTS for the latter, there. It's helped me to love my own writing and is now leading me to give my work the love and time it deserves. The price to pay there is that you'll just have to bear with my long silences, but if my twitchy friends who I deliberately taunt on a regular basis because I am evil incarnate are any indication, you won't be disappointed.

Now if I can manage some original writing of this caliber I'll be all set.

I'll try to get my most recent icons and colorings up tomorrow sometime, but don't hold your breath.

Wait for meeeeee~
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This is mostly just a note to say that I don't know how much I am going to be around for the next few months. I will be here-ish, as this whole fandom thing is my current favored method of procrastination, but there will be a lot of personal projects taking my attention the next couple of months. And the cherry on top of the very distracting sundae is an illness in my family that I may have to drop everything to tend to at any time.

I'm also still recovering from That's All I've Got To Say. That's probably going to be my last serious Break/Liam fic for a while. There is always crack and serious stuff for other characters, but for now I am content to let this monster sit as my crowning Break/Liam achievement. I didn't know how much it took out of me until I was done with it -- and I mean that in a very positive way.

As to what I'm working on -- my mood theme, icons as a side-effect of that, a couple prompts from the meme, a bit of crack. I have many ideas I've not started and a few that I have. I would dearly love to take a stab at the Break/Liam "Break has gone Kevin" prompt that popped up this morning on the meme, but we'll see. So I doubt I'll be entirely silent. Just expect me to be sporadic.

Best wishes to the lot of you while I am out and about, as it were.


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