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Soooo muuuuuch personal stupid going on right now what the hell is this I can't even. To take my mind off said stupid, let's play a game: Ask me anything. Ask me about Modernverse. Ask me about my PH headcanon. Ask me what songs I associate with the characters. Ask my opinion on this or that. Whatever, though if you go too personal, I reserve the right not to answer, Xerxes-style.

I am not usually anywhere near this social and chatting with people takes a lot of energy on my part, but if I don't find a way to occupy myself this evening I'm just gonna stew in my own melodramatic emo forever and it pisses me off when I do that.

So that this post isn't just a plea for attention, here's a meme that has nothing to do with fandom; it just amuses me.

Blah. )
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Just dropping in to saaaaaaay~

As you might know or have realized, in my Modernverse AU, Break and Liam have a white cat. Her name is Reginald, or Reggie. Break found her lost out in the rain as a kitten and couldn't just leave her there so he brought her home, Liam fussed and flailed and arranged vet visits and all that, and then they wound up keeping her without really ever deciding to do so. Now they are forever arguing over whose cat she is exactly, Liam mutters that between her and Break shedding all over the place none of his black clothes will ever really be back again ever, and Reggie ignores them both and climbs the curtains.

Later, they will get a white dog, too, and Break will punch Liam for making a joke about how now he has three white-haired pets.

But anyway, Reggie. Reggie is not the most intelligent of cats. She's not completely stupid, and she loves her dads dearly, she's just...more than capable of amusing herself, and sometimes this leads her to do things like try to run up the wall or take flying leaps off the top of the fridge.

Today I found a gif that pretty much sums up Reggie's mental state most of the time.

Yyyyyyeah. Sometimes on Friday nights they give her catnip and then sit back and watch.

Anyway, that's all I've got for you today, and I'll probably be scarce this next week or two. The two main fics I'm working on right now are big and I have a lot of other projects that need to take priority in that nonsensical "real life" thing I'm saddled with. *flaps sleeve at it* I'll be around-ish, though, and in the meantime you can all have fun watching that gif over and over.


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