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So last night the local Shelly told me I ought to get a plurk, so I did. I was promptly assaulted by a thousand flailing roleplayers.

...more like ten, yes, sure, but all at once it seems like more. They are a hyperactive bunch. XD

Anyway here you go. XP

Most of what I've been doing lately is RP. I mean that literally. Quite frankly, owing to an immensely stupid bout of personal brouhaha, I have no brain right now. I try to write and have several stories to work on, but I can't hold my focus, and I can't keep long-term plans in my brain. I'm using RP to keep my hand in and keep me from degenerating completely into a blob; it requires me to think, just on a much more...touch and go level. It is a blast. You can find all the logs I've been up to here, though the people who are interested probably already know this.

Also, [ profile] tsutsuji, last night I very helpfully informed them you are plotting an evil!Liam and we already have some plans with him. pscycho!Jack wants to meet him. I told them to come harass you, but I don't know if they will. I am evil, too~ <3

Today I must work on some of the threads I still have going and make a few more icons for this Break. He and Shelly are getting up to shenanigans, you see, and we're going to work on that thread this weekend. They won't be icons of Break himself, though, so don't get too excited...actually, yeah, get excited. This is going to be a major plot point in his personal canon. Ohohohohohoho~

And done.

Feb. 12th, 2011 04:19 pm
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[ profile] almost_knightly now has all his icons.

La. )

Next arty projects are finishing the mood theme, icons for my eventual Liam, and icons for Tsu's evil!Liam. Looking forward to that last a lot, he's gonna be fun.
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So this picture shows up on Pixiv today...

Ehhh? )

In other news, [ profile] almost_knightly has been officially dropped into the DR. His journal has a post that will log his activity if you're into following that sort of thing. Now that I'm actively playing with him this isn't as difficult as I was anticipating, but in a few days I'll go back and reread the threads I'm doing now just to see that I'm actually keeping up with things properly. He's my Break, but he's still a Break, and I want him to be believable as such.
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I just wanted to note that, in my opinion, 44-year-old Modernverse!Break... so pretty I just about find him offensive.

Little bastard knows it, too.
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10/15 icons done. I think the rest will mostly be positive expressions.

Ohoho pajama pants )
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So one of the many huge projects I really don't need to be working on right now is getting [ profile] almost_knightly ready to RP over in the PH Dressing Room -- he's my Modernverse!Break. Naturally I just had to pull him out of his canon at the age of 44, when he has shoulder-length hair and glasses, in addition to the fact that he dresses differently from the canon Breaks anyway because he's Modernverse.

What this means is that I'm custom-making all his icons. My art isn't near what it used to be, so what I'm doing is tracing the lines I need from actual Break images and then adding to them. It took me a while to work out the process, but I've just about figured things out, and some of the full images I do get cropped out when I icon them. So I thought I'd share them here.

Liam likes to tell him how pretty he is when he gets tipsy )
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Soooo muuuuuch personal stupid going on right now what the hell is this I can't even. To take my mind off said stupid, let's play a game: Ask me anything. Ask me about Modernverse. Ask me about my PH headcanon. Ask me what songs I associate with the characters. Ask my opinion on this or that. Whatever, though if you go too personal, I reserve the right not to answer, Xerxes-style.

I am not usually anywhere near this social and chatting with people takes a lot of energy on my part, but if I don't find a way to occupy myself this evening I'm just gonna stew in my own melodramatic emo forever and it pisses me off when I do that.

So that this post isn't just a plea for attention, here's a meme that has nothing to do with fandom; it just amuses me.

Blah. )
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Re: Chapter 57 )

Damn, but there's been an outpouring of new Break-and-Liam people around of late. TK was telling me pretty soon there's gonna be as many Reuniting After the Party Fics as there are Coat Fics, and we're even starting to get "Eeeew, no more Break-and-Liam" people on the kink meme. I can't decide whether I'm happy about their newfound popularity or not. This is my first time actively participating in a fandom, not to mention getting into it early enough to watch it growing around me and have a hand in that growth, and I admit was sort of enjoying being one of the only Break-and-Liam writers.

Tsu and TK and I have been preparing something in relation to that, but for now I will continue to keep it secret -- ugh. I have too much to do before it's ready, still. Why do I give myself so many projects? Why? I love Break and Liam enough to do everything I do and am doing that you don't know about yet, but theoretically I have a life I'm supposed to be living and I actually need to sleep sometimes or I get cranky.

Bah. Maybe I'll get something done tomorrow. I spent most of today...sleeping.
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Title: Aftershock
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Hello, my name is not Mochizuki.
Summary: In which, after the party, March Hare makes cute noises, Liam yells, and Break is crap at expressing himself. Liam-centric. Can be seen as either friendship or pairing.

This is my own post-56 reaction piece -- or one of them, anyway. [ profile] their_kingdom was saying there'll probably be as many Post-56 Fics as there are Coat Fics pretty soon. I wanted this one to focus on Liam. So here we are.
Length: 4,756 words

'Why are you acting like everything is normal?' Break asked suddenly. )
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6,577 words and counting, but at least they're more or less out of the foreplay and into the more serious sexytimez now, good Lord. I guess. I know it's your first time, boys, but can we get on wiv it now?


You know, I've been working on this fic for like -- three months? I would really like to finish this epic smutty thing so I can play with the epic early!Rainsworth thing instead. It is only at 1,928 words and counting. Psh.
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