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Modernverse!Break is now wrapped around Gil's bitty little finger.

And tied in a knot.

The end.

Success with bitty!Vincent yet to be determined, but mission going surprisingly well just at present.
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So this picture shows up on Pixiv today...

Ehhh? )

In other news, [ profile] almost_knightly has been officially dropped into the DR. His journal has a post that will log his activity if you're into following that sort of thing. Now that I'm actively playing with him this isn't as difficult as I was anticipating, but in a few days I'll go back and reread the threads I'm doing now just to see that I'm actually keeping up with things properly. He's my Break, but he's still a Break, and I want him to be believable as such.
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Re: Chapter 57 )

Damn, but there's been an outpouring of new Break-and-Liam people around of late. TK was telling me pretty soon there's gonna be as many Reuniting After the Party Fics as there are Coat Fics, and we're even starting to get "Eeeew, no more Break-and-Liam" people on the kink meme. I can't decide whether I'm happy about their newfound popularity or not. This is my first time actively participating in a fandom, not to mention getting into it early enough to watch it growing around me and have a hand in that growth, and I admit was sort of enjoying being one of the only Break-and-Liam writers.

Tsu and TK and I have been preparing something in relation to that, but for now I will continue to keep it secret -- ugh. I have too much to do before it's ready, still. Why do I give myself so many projects? Why? I love Break and Liam enough to do everything I do and am doing that you don't know about yet, but theoretically I have a life I'm supposed to be living and I actually need to sleep sometimes or I get cranky.

Bah. Maybe I'll get something done tomorrow. I spent most of today...sleeping.


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