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I just wanted to note that, in my opinion, 44-year-old Modernverse!Break... so pretty I just about find him offensive.

Little bastard knows it, too.
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Title: Can Be Deceiving
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Still not mine.
Summary: Spontaneous Break/Liam character babble sort of fic. Also Break is not interested in your boring official stuff, srsly.
Length: 826 words

It was all in the little details. )
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Title: To Have You Back Again
Rating: R
Disclaimer: This isn't mine, though I wholeheartedly approve of Chapter 56.
Summary: Kink meme fill. This prompt showed up today:

"Gilbert is looking for Break, so he goes to Break's room. He freak's out when he hears some noises and hides in break's closet. He expected Break to come in, but he didn't expect for Reim to be with him.

Anon just wants Gilbert spying on Break and Reim having sex. Bwahahaha. Can be as emotional as you want, as it is post chapter 56. "

...and I've already done one a bit like this, but the post-56-ness crashed together so quickly in my head that I dropped everything to write it. Now I will get back to the OTHER five fics I am working on, three of which are also fills. I have nothing else intelligent to say because I've been working on this about five straight hours, so -- hope you enjoy!

Length: 3,421

'If you like I can plant something evil in his desk later,' Liam offered kindly. )
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Hi. I'm alive. I'm writing, but slowly and on big projects, as I mentioned. I think you'll really like the main one I'm working on at the moment. Meanwhile, my dad got a shiny new laptop for an early Christmas present, which means yours truly got a shiny hand-me-down laptop for an early Christmas present, and I have installed Photoshop on it, and so I have been able to work on my Break-and-Liam mood theme a bit even though I am not at home at the moment and will not be until January sometime at best.

I had to edit out the blood and copy over the scruff lines to make a proper blush, but --

Liam won the 'horny' mood. )

You're welcome.


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