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Modernverse!Break is now wrapped around Gil's bitty little finger.

And tied in a knot.

The end.

Success with bitty!Vincent yet to be determined, but mission going surprisingly well just at present.
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Title: To Have You Back Again
Rating: R
Disclaimer: This isn't mine, though I wholeheartedly approve of Chapter 56.
Summary: Kink meme fill. This prompt showed up today:

"Gilbert is looking for Break, so he goes to Break's room. He freak's out when he hears some noises and hides in break's closet. He expected Break to come in, but he didn't expect for Reim to be with him.

Anon just wants Gilbert spying on Break and Reim having sex. Bwahahaha. Can be as emotional as you want, as it is post chapter 56. "

...and I've already done one a bit like this, but the post-56-ness crashed together so quickly in my head that I dropped everything to write it. Now I will get back to the OTHER five fics I am working on, three of which are also fills. I have nothing else intelligent to say because I've been working on this about five straight hours, so -- hope you enjoy!

Length: 3,421

'If you like I can plant something evil in his desk later,' Liam offered kindly. )
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Our dear Chibi Peasant is floundering about under the weather at the moment. AND SO!

Title: Cannot Be Unseen: OMAKE!
Rating: Crack
Disclaimer: Stop looking at me like that.
Summary: Cracky sequel to the traumatization of Gil. Also contains references to this fic, in passing, and everyone's favorite monstrosity.
Length: I have no idea because I'm just typing this one directly into the posty thing

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Title: Cannot Be Unseen
Rating: R -- I wouldn't call it NC-17, but, you know, there's this one bit that...don't read it at work.
Disclaimer: I'm not near this preoccupied with any of my OWN stories.
Summary: Gilbert makes a discovery. (Then he makes another one later, because I find it funny to cause Gilbert distress.)
Length: 2,534 words

Something a bit different from me -- and so I am not too sure about it. It's Break/Liam, really, but through the eyes of another character. I don't quite feel like I have a handle on writing Gilly, but it's good to break out of one's shell once in a while, so here we are. Enjoy!

Look at him, he’s going to have apoplexy in a moment. )


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