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Title: THEY HATIN' A Show of Gratitude
Rating: G
Disclaimer: *awesomeface*
Summary: Kink meme fill: "Jack decides to give Reim a reward for helping him and Oz during episode 16."


Length: 1,178

You’ve been a great help, to Oz and myself. )
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So today I go to mess with the new Gaia game, Dumpster Dive, where you basically click the thing and it gives you something somebody else ditched from their inventory.


I stuck it in my avatar for lolz and it was scary as all hell.

So I did what anyone would do.

I made a Vincent/Ada offspring avatar. )
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So TK and I were amusing ourselves going on Google Translate, putting things into other languages and then back to English again. So I took Snugglefluff and put it into Portugese -- for some reason Portugese has an unfortunate tendency to refer to Break as "UPS" -- and then Russian and then back into English again.

We have a winner. This is an incredibly brutal bastardization. XD

Nightmares was cranky and Xerxes. )



Dec. 29th, 2010 11:39 am
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It is obvious to me you know nothing about coconuts. )

Right. Back to work on doom-fic. It's about to break 6,000 words.
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It was a shame Break kept half his face hidden, because even with only one side of it showing, he made some truly spectacular expressions. He was making one now, and trying to hide it by grimacing into his wine, because it was generally considered impolite to look like you were going to lose your lunch at formal parties.

"What's wrong?" Liam asked quietly, refusing to turn around and follow his gaze.

"That dress," Break replied, his voice pitched low, still fighting to return his expression to neutral. "Oh my God, ick."

"Ick?" Liam gave in, and turned just slightly, and then forgot to stop turning. "Oh. Oh."

"Mm. You see it?"

"That's...a truly unfortunate color."

"Quite. You'll notice also the way the ill-informed lace accentuates the --"

"I -- you know, Xerxes, it's rather stifling in here, isn't it."

"'re right, Liam. It is."

"We ought to go out on the balcony and get some fresh air."

"An excellent idea. We should bring more wine with us."


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Our dear Chibi Peasant is floundering about under the weather at the moment. AND SO!

Title: Cannot Be Unseen: OMAKE!
Rating: Crack
Disclaimer: Stop looking at me like that.
Summary: Cracky sequel to the traumatization of Gil. Also contains references to this fic, in passing, and everyone's favorite monstrosity.
Length: I have no idea because I'm just typing this one directly into the posty thing

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Icons and coloring of The Last Page of Chapter 53.

I don't know what the hell you did, but [bleep] it's pissed. )
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Title: Re: Omake 2
Rating: G
Disclaimer: The omake started it. ¬.¬
Summary: I wouldn't be able to cope with Vincent popping up on my balcony, either.
Length: 749. Quick Friday-night crackitude.

I was in the area, so I brought your favorite cake. )
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So [ profile] their_kingdom, who among other things made icons for the crack that appeared on this journal a couple days ago, helpfully sent me "Gilbert in Wonderland" last night. And, um.

It will be a while before this picture of Break stops amusing me. )

I will make other icons later. XD

I'm not going to hunt people down to ensure you give me credit for my brilliance, but it'd be nice of you -- helps people like me who go icon-hunting in other peoples' profiles to find fun artists. :D

004: Crack

Sep. 5th, 2010 11:27 pm
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Title: Crack
Rating: Crack
Disclaimer: Crack
Summary: Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack
Length: 1,083 words OF CRACK.

I accept only part of the blame for this. ¬.¬
INJOKE 1: Liam is the second son of an earl. Break is some random guy who fell out of a gate.
INJOKE 2: ...well, I mean, it would be the best present ever. You can't argue this.

Crack )


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