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Feb. 12th, 2011 04:19 pm
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[ profile] almost_knightly now has all his icons.

La. )

Next arty projects are finishing the mood theme, icons for my eventual Liam, and icons for Tsu's evil!Liam. Looking forward to that last a lot, he's gonna be fun.
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I just wanted to note that, in my opinion, 44-year-old Modernverse!Break... so pretty I just about find him offensive.

Little bastard knows it, too.
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10/15 icons done. I think the rest will mostly be positive expressions.

Ohoho pajama pants )
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So one of the many huge projects I really don't need to be working on right now is getting [ profile] almost_knightly ready to RP over in the PH Dressing Room -- he's my Modernverse!Break. Naturally I just had to pull him out of his canon at the age of 44, when he has shoulder-length hair and glasses, in addition to the fact that he dresses differently from the canon Breaks anyway because he's Modernverse.

What this means is that I'm custom-making all his icons. My art isn't near what it used to be, so what I'm doing is tracing the lines I need from actual Break images and then adding to them. It took me a while to work out the process, but I've just about figured things out, and some of the full images I do get cropped out when I icon them. So I thought I'd share them here.

Liam likes to tell him how pretty he is when he gets tipsy )
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So I was like "lalala" and wrote That's All I've Got to Say

And then I was like "yaaaaay"

And then [ profile] numi_nami read it and was all like, I made an ART

And then I was like

And everybody should go look at it 'cause it made me has a happy.


That is all.


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