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30: And now for something completely different...

Title: Legacy
Rating: Brb corrupting your childhoods in a way that is not safe for work
Disclaimer: I do not own anything from Disney except the movies and toys I still unashamedly purchase from them
Summary: In which Birdy wanted it and I felt like writing it, so I did.
Length: 982 words

Maleficent didn’t get to be where she is by letting it go when the local human rulers fail to give her the respect she deserves. Because of that, it comes as a surprise every single time they do it. Surely their memories are not so short that they can just forget what happened last time, and the time before that, and the one before that as well...? But as the date of the presentation draws closer, it becomes all the more obvious that Maleficent is not on the guest list. It shouldn't be too much of an issue. She rolls her eyes, attends the party, and makes a proper fuss about the whole mess. Then she goes home and waits patiently for the new curse to kick in --

-- only to find that the king has decided to hold a bonfire some sixteen years in advance, and certain other fae have whisked the princess away to be raised out from under Maleficent’s eyes. While the massive blow to the kingdom’s economy that results from the burning of the spinning wheels is amusing, it is not what Maleficent was going for. Having better things to do than personally scour the countryside for a baby, she sends her minions off after the child and goes about her business.

Sixteen years later, the princess has not been found, and Maleficent is forced to admit that her latest batch of minions are perhaps not the brightest she could have obtained.

Very well. She zaps them until she feels better and finds the girl herself, somewhat mollified to discover that now there is true love in the equation for her to play with. It’s easy enough to place the rest of the spell back on track. The three “good” faeries are far more helpful in this than they would be happy with. They’re still unable to understand human emotions well enough to be able to offer the comfort she really needs after her life as she knows it is torn from beneath her feet. The princess is left emotional, vulnerable, and it takes far less magic than Maleficent had anticipated to lure her toward the spinning wheel. She even gets a good laugh in as the other three arrive too late, just in time to see their princess fallen. Patiently, not nearly so far away as they believe her to be, Maleficent watches as the entire castle is put under in an attempt to spare them the pain of knowing their good faeries had failed them.

Just as Maleficent would not let the insult of rejection go unanswered, she knows that the other faeries will not let her win, not after they have worked so hard to defeat her curse. Not when their own pride now depends on their winning, too. Still, the spell was hers to begin with, and she can do as she likes with it. Maleficent does not allow the princess to sleep. Instead, while the faeries scramble to locate a true love -- one that Maleficent has helpfully kidnapped and thrown into her dungeon -- she brings the princess home, and teaches her the one thing the other faeries would never have broached in an attempt to keep her pure and beloved. Maleficent teaches her just what her own body, blossoming into adulthood with the aid of magic set long ago, is capable of.

Aurora is uncertain at first, and why wouldn’t she be? This is the creature who cursed her to death before she was even truly aware of her own cradle. But the young princess has never been told just what true love so often leads to; she doesn’t know until the wicked faerie shows her just how able she is to open herself up and invite someone in. She’s never properly considered just what her own curves -- the curves another fairy had summoned for her when she was only a baby -- would feel like with the hands of another wrapped around them, or felt her own bare skin prickling beneath someone else’s gaze. Before long, the princess is writhing, her gift of song echoing from the chamber walls. Maleficent shows her all the best ways to move, all the best places to kiss, how to demand another inside of her instead of simply taking what’s given. Before she sleeps again, the princess has become a queen, and Maleficent is satisfied that the next occupant of the human throne knows how to properly respect a faerie. With her help, Aurora will be a power in her own right, a woman who can look her kind in the eye and know what must be done to earn their favor instead of a submissive child reliant upon faeries who happen to enjoy making babies more pleasant.

This is Maleficent’s gift.

In the end, to all appearances, she loses. She had to, sooner or later -- not even Maleficent is immune to the way the stories always go. Having found steel they can bolster for their purposes, the other fae pit the prince against her, enabling him to do what none of them could ever have managed on their own. Maleficent puts on a marvelous show, stirring up thorns and lightning, presenting the hero with a proper dragon to slay. She’d have eaten him if the others hadn’t intervened, and though Maleficent is too arrogant to simply accept it as she falls, her last thoughts are smug ones.

After all, they’d have never defeated her if they hadn’t banded together to cheat. And as Maleficent dies, Aurora waits in the tower for her prince. She’s a product of all four of them now, all grace and beauty and the barest beginnings of understanding. When she opens her eyes and sees Phillip there, a long, slow smile spreads across her face.

Aurora knows exactly what she’s going to do with him.

PS: Yes, I am alive, and still an avid Pandora Hearts fan. My time has simply been taken up with RP and personal career stuff of late. I haven't forgotten the fic I've started, and I do intend to finish them. I make no promises as to when.

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