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RP: Muselist here!

This list contains all of the characters I play whose journals are ready for use. This post can serve as a general HMD post and comments are screened, but I keep a general contact post in every journal, so don't hesitate to get in touch with me on any of them if you prefer!


Xerxes Break

Pandora Hearts canon: Played in [community profile] somarium and [community profile] fabulae_victoriana, as well as in PSLs. Willing to play him from any point on the timeline where he isn't a Kevin. The most active of my characters as of January 2014.

Alice Liddel

Alice in Wonderland AU: An adult version of the Alice in the books; at home, she resides in a mental asylum, but is harmless and content in her insanity. She is generally cheerful, and fiercely inquisitive. Played in [community profile] fabulae_victoriana.

Kevin Regnard (Asshole Kevin)

Pandora Hearts canon-ish: Kevin Regnard, fresh from his jaunt through the Abyss. Although a Shelly Rainsworth was present when he arrived, for fun he was given to Lacie Baskerville instead, and since then they have come to love one another deeply in a beautifully warped sort of way. Played in [community profile] fabulae_victoriana, also happy to bring him out for PSLs.


Pandora Hearts: Glen Baskerville's most powerful Chain, pre-Tragedy; she belongs to Oswald, and knows Gilbert. An easy-going Chain, she takes an almost sisterly approach to things, watching over anything and anyone who she considers to be her territory. Her calm nature comes from being the eldest of the Chains, and from having seen so many Glen Baskervilles come and go as the cycle turns. Formerly in [community profile] pandoraheartsdr, she now resides in [community profile] fabulae_victoriana.

Nathaniel Mason

OC: Nathaniel is a werewolf, and comes with a tragic past, just as you'd expect. Rather an awkward and uptight fellow, he can often be found wringing his hands and babbling at people. Once a month he romps through the woods and eats livestock, though. Played in [community profile] fabulae_victoriana.

Lacie Baskerville

Pandora Hearts canon-ish: The child version of Lacie, she arrived in the [community profile] pandoraheartsdr at around eight years old. She was been given a bratty personality based on such canon facts as frequent escapes from the Baskerville estate, her willingness to bite complete strangers, and the fact that she has done things like throw chessboards at her brother. She now resides at [community profile] fabulae_victoriana, where she enjoys being a werewolf courtesy of [personal profile] shiftily, and is closer to ten years old.

Kevin Regnard (Baby Kevin/Fluffbutt)

Pandora Hearts canon-ish: Initially played as [personal profile] heart_beatings in the [community profile] pandoraheartsdr, this Kevin has a solid two years of development, and I would now consider him to be an AU. He was taken from the night before the Sinclair funeral and never had the chance to form a Contract. Now, he lives happily with [personal profile] redstainedking and his Baskervilles, is a werewolf courtesy of [personal profile] shiftily, and has [personal profile] bittybratty to look after instead of a Sharon. I do what I want.

Elsa of Arendelle

Frozen: I am very unsure about this character. I feel confident in her posture, movement, and motivation, but not so much in her actual voice. Played in [community profile] fabulae_victoriana.

Charlotte "Lottie" Baskerville

Pandora Hearts canon: This Lottie comes from before or during the Tragedy of Sablier. She is pretty much offended by everything and everyone, and will not hesitate to explain to you why you are wrong. I do play her as being in love with Glen "Oswald" Baskerville, but in a distant, supportive sort of way. Played in [community profile] fabulae_victoriana and happy to bring her out for PSLs.

Glen "Oswald" Baskerville

Pandora Hearts canon: Willing to play him from any point on the timeline. Currently only active in PSLs.

Retired (Mostly)

Xerxes Break (Dork)

Pandora Hearts AU: Modern version of Xerxes Break. First and longest played character. Born in London, now resides in Boston; about 5 years older than current canon. Has no real career, but hobbies include knitting and sewing, and has an obsession with Arthurian legend. Elder version is [personal profile] almost_elderly. Retired as of February 2014, except for PSLs.

Liam Lunettes

Pandora Hearts AU: The Liam who is partnered to the above Xerxes Break. Born in Canada and living in Boston, this Liam is a computer engineer and a geek, and devoted to his Break. Retired, but liable to turn up anywhere his Break is, as I often play them together.

Mad Hatter

Pandora Hearts: A version of Xerxes Break's Chain, the Mad Hatter, in human form. She is played as vaguely loopy, her feelings solidifying mainly when she is upset or angry, and she has a fascination with the smallest details of the world around her.

March Hare

Pandora Hearts: A version of Liam Lunettes' Chain, the March Hare, in human form. The Hare is a small and timid Chain who suffers from sometimes crippling anxiety, but she is fiercely devoted to those she cares for.

Kevin Regnard

Pandora Hearts canon: This Kevin comes from within the few days after the Sinclair murders, but before making his contract with Albus. As such he has no closure for the grief and self-deprecation he is experiencing, and struggles to find a purpose. "Retired" inasmuch as the Kevin I played in the PHDR has developed enough to be considered an AU now, and uses a different journal. If I need to pull out a proper canon Kevin, this is the journal I use.


Pandora Hearts: A version of Kevin Regnard's Chain, the White Knight, in human form. Albus is a single-minded Chain who is extremely focused on the concept of justice; she cares deeply about Kevin's quest to correct what happened to the Sinclairs, but she does have her own motives as well. Never actually got to play her because she scared the only Kevin I ever tagged. Oops.

Xani Break

Pandora Hearts AU: Genderbent version of Xerxes Break who, in her own world, quite happily works as a courtesan in the Rainsworth brothel. You probably can't afford her, and I am not sorry. Xani has a Red Barma with her, now and again.