Jun. 1st, 2024

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This list contains all of the characters I play whose journals are ready for use. This post can serve as a general HMD post and comments are screened, but I keep a general contact post in every journal, so don't hesitate to get in touch with me on any of them if you prefer!

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You may assume most of my stuff is Break/Liam in some way. I try to keep up with my tags and that includes the major characters that feature in any story, so if you want to see more of the others, I'd try there. But mostly, what you'll find here is Break/Liam.

I call it Break/Liam because it sounds better, to me. Don't be fooled. My Liam tops.

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RE: Icons and other graphics!

I really don't give two craps whether you credit me for my work or not. Sure, it'd be all grand and polite of you, because I do all my own colorings and a lot of effort does go into them, but bah. It's the internet and I work under a pseudonym.

But it'd be nice to others if you credited me. I say this as someone who likes to go skulking through other peoples' profiles in search of icons -- when you credit, it allows others to find the artists who made your awesome icons, and thus obtain more awesome icons for themselves. And, because I also write a lot of fic and forget to post it to the communities half the time, it will allow people to find that, too. Plzkthnx! :D


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