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Coloring Tutorial. Part III

The last bit here, and a variation on coloring hair.

I want some color in the background. I, personally, have a thing for cloudy backgrounds. So I keep my brush soft, pick a color, make a new layer on top of everything else and set it to multiply, and build up all over without any regard for the lines.

Then I zoom in close and start erasing away just inside the lines.

See those little eyeballs on the layers? Clicking those is how you turn them off and on so you can see what the other layers are doing individually. And if I turn off all the layers but the one with the color on --

Oh hey. Now I can quickly and easily erase all the crap in the middle.

Break has now effectively been "cut out" of the background.

But I'm not sure I like it, so I'm gonna go under "Image/Adjustments/Hue-Saturation" and fuck with it till I do. "Fuck with it" is a very technical artist term, you know.

Then we turn it into an icon and lose most if not all the detail we just made. \o/

MEANWHILE, other tidbits to know about doing hair: Say we've got someone whose hair has some color to it.

What do?

Well, first of all, we select the flat color, and shade it with the soft brush, just like before. But now, the flat is the middle shade, and we want to shade it with a shadow and a highlight.

We also do the pencil scribbles the same as before, but in this case, we use all three colors. I usually do the highlight first, then the darkest shade, and then the middle shade.

Liam has SHORT hair. So, in his case, we use short strokes, again following along with the flow of his hair. ...which is all over the place, really, but you know. He tends to have a dip right in the back, so I assume there's a part there and work out from it.

Smooth it out the same as before, but keeping strokes short this time:

And burn and dodge same as before.

That pretty much covers it all, I think. I hope this was at least interesting.

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